Muni Xu

B.S. Information Management and Technology 2011
Berkeley, California
Muni Xu
As a recent graduate from Syracuse University, I felt reluctant to say goodbye to SU and the iSchool, where I have had laughter and tears throughout the best four years of my life. I felt honored and fortunate to be selected as one of the undergraduate class leaders, which is a unique way for me to inextricably connect with the iSchool and to continuously contribute back to the school. I have earned a B.S in Information Management and Technology, with a dual major in Entrepreneurship in Martin J. Whitman School of Business.

I do believe that it was the “serendipity” that brought me to the iSchool. Without much understanding of the school and what it could offer me prior to my stay in Syracuse, I just had an intuition that the iSchool could pay off my future. Every day in the school was fresh and exciting as we were exposed to cutting-edge technologies and their impact in all areas of business. Most importantly, the innovative spirit and independent thinking embodied in the faculty and students has widened my understanding of different cultures. As a product of a multi-cultural mix, I understand that tolerating the cultures, ideas and values of different nations is the key to success for transnational enterprises in today’s global integration of manufacturing and markets.

The interdisciplinary information management and technology curriculum has prepared me with key abilities to design and manage information systems that meet specific needs of individuals and organizations. If I had not studied systems analysis and database management, I would not have been virtually engaged in the entire process of building up a dynamic appliance repair system for Welch Allyn, a global leading manufacturer for medical devices. If I had not practiced project management skills through JP Morgan Chase’s merger project with Washington Mutual (WaMu), I would not have effectively understood how to design and execute stages that can lead to resource optimization and risk mitigation within organizations. If I had not explored information-based organizations, I would not have thoroughly learned how to model organizational behavior differences as related to information systems use, by enacting various slices of organizations and reflecting on implications of human actions and interactions.

During the summer of my junior year, I interned at both HSBC and Citigroup. In the professional working environment, I deeply felt the advantage of speaking both languages of IT and business. Next fall, I will go to UC Berkeley to study Industrial Engineering & Operation Research. I am looking forward to starting my graduate life in a new environment and am happy to bring the pipeline of new students to my home college, School of Information Studies. Please do not hesitate to contact me at I am happy to answer any questions you may have.