Ranjan Chandiramani

MS Information Management ’07
New York City

I am from Poona, a city 100 miles south east of Bombay, India. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Poona University, which is fondly known as the ‘Oxford of the East’.

After graduating from college in India, I worked in the network infrastructure group at ICICI Bank, which is India’s largest private sector bank. ICICI has a nation wide presence with branches and regional offices in all 26 states. My group was responsible for the deployment of ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) at branches, extension counters and offsite locations. I was also involved in a new project, the mobile ATM initiative, which involved the deployment of vans, equipped with ATM machines, to regions of the country where the bank has a slim presence.

Based on my work experience, I was interested in gaining further education in the field of information management. The iSchool at Syracuse University was my first choice given the way the program was structured with its emphasis on technology, management and policy. I have had the opportunity to make some great friends at Syracuse from cultures and countries very different from my own. I believe that one of the biggest strengths of the iSchool is its emphasis on diversity. I strongly urge all those that are and will enroll in this school to actively engage with faculty, staff and their peers in class. Interacting with and learning from students from countries different from your own is an education in itself and I have greatly benefited from my interactions with the students, faculty and staff at the iSchool.

I have a secured a position with Ernst & Young LLP in their Technology & Security Risk Services Practice (Financial Services Office) in New York City. I will be happy to answer any questions that students might have regarding the program and my experience with the recruiting process. I can be reached at ranjan.chandiramani@gmail.com