Sohan Fernandes

M.S. Information Management ‘11
New York City, NY
 Sohan Fernandes
As a recent graduate of Syracuse University, I am honored and excited to serve in the position of Alumni Leader for the iSchool in the future. I am originally from Mumbai, where I earned my B.E in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai in 2009.
Prospective students often choose graduate schools based on the flexibility and the overall reputation of the program. The iSchool is solid in both areas, and the ever so engaging professors and staff who are ready to help out the students at all times on a one-on-one basis add more value to the program.  Prof. Dave Dischiave, Prof. Art Thomas, and Jose Tavarez have helped me immensely over the last year with advice for course selections, professional development, and my start-up foundation work. I have also made great friends and developed strong professional connections during my time at SU.
The graduate IM program also has a very flexible internship program which allows students to work off-campus on a full-time basis. This flexibility helped me pursue an internship at National Public Radio as an IT Systems Analyst during the Fall 2010 semester in Washington, DC. Having said this, top consulting firms and investment banks from Wall Street regularly recruit from SU, evidence that it is one of the top-notch schools in the country.
I have a secured a position with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC in their IT and Strategy Operations (ITSO) practice (CIO Advisory Office) in New York City. I will be happy to answer any questions that students might have regarding the program and my experience with the recruiting process. I can be reached at: