Vikram Dadwal

A VLSI elective course in the final year of my under-graduate studies got me interested in the field of Digital Electronics. I decided to pursue graduate studies and applied to the Engineering School at SU, with a focus on the computer hardware track.

My experience at Syracuse University was amazing - right from the day I stepped into the Slutzker Center for orientation to the day I graduated. The Slutzker Center was always organizing events to familiarize the international students with the beautiful Syracuse campus. They also proactively helped students by regularly organizing seminars about various immigration related issues. Furthermore, Syracuse University has a huge campus that offers plenty of opportunities for part-time jobs. For international students, I think it’s a nice opportunity to not only get some cash but to also learn about American culture. I still remember the time I spent working on campus as an RSA and as a Library Assistant at the Bird Library. Such jobs helped me to be more confident and at some level prepared me for my professional life ahead.Syracuse, being a university town, has a very tight-knit student community. During my graduate years, I connected with the students, alumni and faculty members to learn more about the school and understand how to get more out of the myriad opportunities offered through the program. With their input, I sketched out a plan for the first year of my studies.  

I came to school with clear goals and objectives. I was passionate about Digital Electronics and wanted to learn about the latest Computer Hardware technologies and work with the distinguished faculty at LCS college of Engineering. Luckily, for me I was able to capitalize on the course work and pursue my choice of career. However, I have seen students struggling to get into the hardware industry because there aren’t many opportunities on the east coast for that kind of a profile. A few of us changed majors and entered into other programs and were successful, while others struggled. It’s unfortunate to see that sometimes things don’t always work as you wish. 

My advice would be to take time and do the research on what interests you and how you can utilize the graduate program to reach your goals. Think what you want to do 5 years down the road. Talk to your seniors and consult your professors and alumni, since they have already walked the path that you want to walk. Join groups and associations of your interest and connect with like-minded people. Syracuse University’s deep alumni base stretches across various sectors in different fields. So, use it and connect with alums. This exercise would help you immensely. You will be more satisfied and successful.

I would be happy to answer any questions related to the Computer Engineering (Hardware Track) or LCS College of Engineering in general. I can be reached at .