YuChun Lin

Master of Science, Information Management ‘09
Certificate of Advanced Study in Information Security Management ‘09

 YuChun Lin

I came from Taiwan and my undergraduate major was Journalism. I also worked as a car sales representative for two years. Being fascinated by the mysterious power of technology at college and work, I decide to come to iSchool and explore the IT world. Not surprisingly, it is a very rewarding journey. While considering myself as an outsider of IT in the beginning, the two year learning experience in the iSchool has turned me into someone capable of understanding and managing technology.

The iSchool provides a wide variety of courses for students with different interests. These include certification and specialization programs, whether it be security, data management or many other tracks listed on the iSchool Web site. Professors and instructors all come from solid professional backgrounds, many of them are currently working in the field as well. I always found it exciting when we had in-class discussion related to things happening out in the real world.

Outside the classroom, iSchool faculty and staff also work hard to search for more opportunities and resources to help students grow, learn and get involved in iSchool. Recently they developed a cooperative plan with JPMC to introduce information management knowledge from corporate businesses. iConsult is a project which provides students the opportunity to work with clients and give technology advise. In addition, there are Black and Latino Information Studies Support (BLISTS), Women in Information Technology (WIT), iSchool Graduate Organization (ISGO), Special Library Association, and many more. Events such as iFaire and iBand’s live show are things you do not want to miss here.

For two years, the school has given me a fulfilled academic life, and I am honored to become one of the alumni leaders. Current students, prospective students, and alumni are all welcome to e-mail me at yuchun92@gmail.com if I can give you any information for any question.