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The Slutzker Center for International Services is excited to hear success stories from our former students, scholars, staff, faculty and researchers. If you would like to contact our office and share with us what you liked the most about Syracuse University and let us know how you are doing, please send an email to: we would be happy to publish your information on our Alumni page. Please include in the subject line of your email the word "Alumni".

Are you currently on OPT or Academic Training please update your address on MySlice and your employment information on the following website:

Syracuse University appreciates the contributions of each member of our international community. If you have been a student, scholar, staff, faculty member or a researcher at Syracuse University please consider updating your contact information with the Office of Alumni Relations

National Alumni Association Board Members
The Association is an advisory board of alumni elected to promote the general welfare and interests of Syracuse University as an institution with a commitment to learning through teaching, research, scholarship, creative accomplishment, and service. Members of the SU Alumni Association Board of Directors are elected based on demonstrated involvement with Syracuse University.

Recent SU graduate? Looking to add a splash of Orange back into your life? Join your local SU Alumni Club!

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