Academic Training (J-1 Students)

Academic Training (AT) is a form of practical training, that can be authorized only for J-1 visa students. For sponsored students, the training can be authorized only by your J-1 visa Program Sponsor in the form of a letter. You should contact your program sponsor for more information about the limitations of your eligibility. The information that follows is a general description of the conditions of Academic Training. 

To be eligible for AT: the training must be related to your program of study, you must be in good academic standing, and you must maintain health insurance coverage for yourself and any dependents staying with you in the US.

Your academic advisor must approve the training. It may be for 18 months, or the period of a full course of study, whichever is shorter. If you receive a Ph.D., your post-doctoral training may last as long as 36 months, under certain conditions. Part-time AT counts against the 18 or 36 month period the same as full-time AT. Earning more than one degree does not increase your eligibility for additional periods of Academic Training.

AT may be taken either during or after completion of the program of study. If AT is to be utilized after the completion of the program of study, you must present a copy of this offer to the Center no later than 30 days after the end of your program. After the 30 day period you will lose eligibility for this training.

To apply for academic training please submit:

  • Department recommendation letter (sample)
    • Must include:
      • when student will complete degree
      • goals and objectives for the training program;
      • description of the training program including its location, name and address of the training supervisor, number of hours of work per week, dates of the training;
      • how the training relates to the student's major field of study; and
      • why it is an integral part of the student's academic program.
  • Job offer letter from employer
  • Academic Training Data Sheet 
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Copies: previous DS-2019s, passport, visa, and I-94 card

For more information, make an appointment with the J-1 advisor at the Slutzker Center.