Tips for Jobs and Internships


Taking an internships is a great way to explore career fields, learn new skills, and gain hands-on experience.  Internships are available locally, nationwide, and around the world.

The Career Services is here to help you navigate the entire world of internships -- from the search process, to securing an internship for academic credit, to succeeding at your internship and negotiating perks. To set-up an appointment with a Career Services staff member, please call (315) 443-3616 or stop by Suite 235 of the Schine Student Center.  Feel free to e-mail them at as well.

Just getting started?  Their website features internship FAQs, as well as extensiveinternship search resources and strategies.  Find out when to begin looking for an internship and which on-campus events can aid in your search.  Additionally, take a look at funding sources to support your internship.

If you already have an internship, learn how to register your internship for academic credit.  Also, see how to make the most of your internship experience, including tips on negotiating perks.

Four Basic Strategies for Job Seeking

Job Boards – Check out the thousands of general and niche job boards (link) on the web.  Also, utilize OrangeLink, SU’s very own job and internship search database.

Career & Job Fairs – Visit career fairs taking place at SU and in other locations to meet face-to-face with potential employers and discuss job openings.

Networking  –  Tap into existing relationships and build new connections with relevant individuals. Networking is the core foundation of most successful job searches, as it provides you with information about your intended career field and sometimes job leads.  You can get started networking through our 'Cuse Connect and

Direct outreach – After identifying specific organizations at which you’d like to work (link), apply to positions via their websites.  Contact their human resources department directly to inquire about job openings.

The career counselors are happy to meet with you to discuss your job search strategy – whether you’re totally lost about where to begin or you just need some pointers to refine your approach.  Call (315)443-3616 or visit 235 Schine to set-up an appointment with a career counselor.

Resumes & Cover Letters

Why Are Resumes and Cover Letters Important?

Your resume and your cover letter are both ways for you to introduce yourself to an employer in just a few minutes – or even just a few seconds! They should include your education and relevant experiences that relate to the job or internship you are applying for. These experiences may be drawn from work, volunteering, extracurricular activities, or even class projects or hobbies. A cover letter should highlight key skills and experiences and show how they tie in with the position you want.

Their website includes Resume Basics, a good section to read if you’re just getting started. For common questions about resumes, view their Resume FAQs.

Feel like you have nothing to put on a resume yet? Check out Resumes for the “Inexperienced.” If you’d like to see how other students summarized and presented their experience and qualifications, you can also view examples of resumes.

Before you send your next cover letter, be sure to read our Introduction to Cover Letters and Cover Letter Format, and look through sample cover letters as well.


The best person on paper doesn’t always get the job offer.  It’s crucial that you perform well during the interview if you hope to successfully land the internships or job you’re aiming for.

The Career Services can help you develop and strengthen your interviewing skills.  We even conduct mock interviews, so you can practice the nerve-inducing act of interviewing with real questions targeted at the positions you’re seeking.  They have several resources to help you prepare for interviews:

To start, take a look at Employer Expectations, which describes what most employers seek to determine during interviews.
Then, read about Preparation Tactics, Interview Stages, and Interview Styles to learn how you can prepare and what your interview will actually be like.  View our section on Tough Questions to anticipate challenges you may face in the interview.
Finally, check out our section on Interview Follow-up to see appropriate ways to communicate with your interviewer after an interview.

Just call their office at (315)443-3616 or stop by Suite 235 of the Schine Student Center to get started.

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