SEVIS Responsibilities

The Department of Homeland Security requires YOU (and your dependents) to report to the SCIS any changes and updates in Personal and Academic Events. Also you MUST ask permission PRIOR to taking action on certain events.

All students are responsible for:

  • Maintaining the legal status
  • Check the Slutzker Center website for updates of USCIS regulations
  • Attending Travel Seminar prior leaving the country

You must report the following changes to the Slutzker Center within 10 days of their occurence:

  • Current U.S. Address
  • Permanent (foreign) Address Name and citizenship
  • Dependents (addition of new dependents, change of name, or citizenship)
  • Financial Information (when your financial information changes you must both inform the SCIS, and bring to the SCIS proof of for your studies).

Please request & receive permission prior to acting on these Events:

  • Dropping below Full-time Study (below 9 credits for graduates, and 12 credits for undergraduates)
  • Completion of program (if you complete your program of study earlier than the completion date in item #5 of your I-20 or Item #3 of your DS-2019)
  • Termination of studies (if you are withdrawing, taking a Leave of Absence, or stopping your studies)