Taking Courses at Another SEVIS School

After F-1/J-1 students study at least one academic semester at Syracuse University, the following summer is considered to be their vacation time if they intend to enroll at SU in the following Fall semester. If you plan to take a course(s) at another SEVIS-authorized school during your summer vacation, you do not have to submit any paperwork to the Slutzker Center for approval.  However, some schools may require a letter of authorization from Syracuse University before allowing you to enroll in summer classes.  If so, please contact the Slutzker Center to request the letter.

If you plan to take a course(s) at another SEVIS school during an academic semester (i.e. Fall or Spring semesters), you must enroll in a total of 12 credits as an undergraduate student and 9 credits as a graduate student to be validated as a full-time student in SEVIS. (The Full-Time Status page explains exceptions to the 9-credit-hour requirement for graduate students.)

For authorization to enroll at another school during the Fall or Spring semesters, please submit the following items to the Slutzker Center within the first two weeks of the beginning of the academic semester:

  • a letter from your academic department including:
    1. the course names you will enroll in,
    2. the institution where you will be taking classes, and
    3. a statement that the courses you take will be approved toward your degree at Syracuse University.
  • proof of your enrollment in these courses from the Registrar’s Office at the institution where you will be enrolled.