SU (F-1) Students

Just follow these steps to update your address

  • Go to MySlice (
  • Sign in using your NetID account
  • Click on the address link, under bio/demo
  • Choose the address type that you want to update.
  • Click on 'SAVE' after you finished updating your address.

Your address change through MySlice will automatically update your SEVIS address change as well.

Please observe the following guidance for addresses in order to maintain your F-1 and SEVIS status.

1. While choosing the type of address -

a) CURRENT address = must be a U.S. address
b) SEVIS FOREIGN address = must be a non-U.S. address
c) PERMANENT address = can be either a U.S. or non-U.S. address

2. While abroad, you will need to maintain a CURRENT "local" U.S. address. This address is required for your SEVIS I-20 to remain valid even if you are outside of the United States. You may update your current address through MySlice. If you are going to use your friend's address, you may enter "c/o (your friend's name), (your friend's address)" in the CURRENT address field. note: Do NOT enter a non-U.S. address in the CURRENT address field. Upon return to Syracuse, use MySlice to update your new CURRENT address. When you do so, please follow the guidance in Section 1 to keep your SEVIS record valid.