GLACIER Tax Prep access code registration form


  • If you were present in the United States in the past calendar year, but did not work, you do not complete this form for a GLACIER Tax Prep access code, you just complete form 8843.
  • If you think you might be filing your taxes as a resident of New York State do not complete the GLACIER Tax Prep access code from. Please check the substantial presence test and our website to see if this pertains you.
  • Are you waiting to receive form 1042-S? If so, please wait until you recieve it, to request a GLACIER Tax Prep access code.
  • International students should not use Turbo Tax, or other similar tax preparation software that you see advertised on the web to file your taxes; they are intended for U.S. citizens only and do not utilize the correct tax forms for non-residents

GLACIER Tax Prep software can only be used by international students who are:

  • Considered non-residents for tax purposes; and
  • Current Syracuse University students, scholars, student interns or students who were participating in post-completion OPT/STEM Extension/Academic Training during the past calendar year.

ACCESS TO GLACIER Tax Prep MAY BE PROVIDED TO YOU BY YOUR HOST OR SPONSORING INSTITUTION, IN WHICH CASE, YOU AGREE TO USE GLACIER Tax Prep AT YOUR DISCRETION.  You are not required to use GLACIER Tax Prep to complete your U.S. Federal income tax return.  If the access code or other access to GLACIER Tax Prep was provided to you by your host or sponsoring institution, by accepting these terms and conditions, you hereby agree that that you are using GLACIER Tax Prep solely at your choice and your host or sponsoring institution is not liable for any misuse of GLACIER Tax Prep and/or liability, penalties, or interest in connection with your use of GLACIER Tax Prep.