Prospective Faculty & Staff

The information in this section is intended for visiting international professors and researchers who are coming to Syracuse University for teaching or research positions. If you are a Syracuse University department, staff member, or faculty member who is inviting an international scholar to join your department, please see our section for Departments.


The Slutzker Center for International Services, in consultation with the Syracuse University host department, will determine the most appropriate immigration status for your work at Syracuse University. Before the Slutzker Center for International Services may process any initial or extension of visa support for a visiting international professor or researcher, you must be invited or have your invitation extended by a Syracuse University department which will serve as your host. For new or continuing paid employees of Syracuse University, this means that an approved job offer and appointment letter must be signed before sponsorship or extension. For independently-funded, unpaid visiting researchers, an invitation letter must be prepared before visa sponsorship or extension. For specific information about the visa categories which Syracuse University commonly sponsors, please select from the categories below:

  • J-1 Exchange Visitors: This is the most common status used for visiting international professors and researchers at Syracuse University.

For further information about the following possible visa categories, please contact Jennifer Gavilondo in the Office of University Counsel.

  • H-1B Temporary Workers: The H-1B nonimmigrant status permits temporary employment in "Specialty Occupations.The minimum educational level acceptable for H-1B status is a bachelor's degree in the field of the proposed employment.
  • TN Mexican and Canadian NAFTA Professional Workers: The TN category permits Canadian or Mexican citizens entry to the U.S. to be employed in certain designated professions, and/or engage in certain designated professional activities.
  • O-1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability: The O-1 is a category that is rarely used by Syracuse University. This category is for people with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.
  • Permanent Residents: Sponsorship for Permanent Residency is reserved for international faculty and staff who have been offered permanent positions at Syracuse University.