Maintaining TN Status

All international faculty, staff, scholars and students should maintain their passport validity.  In general, it is best to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months longer than the intended dates of stay.  If renewal of a passport is necessary, check with your embassy or consulate about the renewal process.

TN status is valid for up to 3 years at a time, but the length of time granted depends on the appointment letter.  There is no maximum to the total amount of time allowed in TN-status, but the TN should only be working in a temporary position.  TN’s cannot hold a tenure track position.

If the TN holder was sponsored by the employer for a change-of-status or an extension of the TN from within the United States and has not left the country since the most recent TN Approval, he/she is valid to stay in the country for the time period listed on the TN I-797 Approval Notice.

If the TN holder entered the U.S. in TN status, they should have an I-94 card in their passport that notes their TN status and an end date of the status.  The I-94 is the white card which should be stapled inside the passport and shows the date of entry into the United States and the port of entry.

As long as the TN holder extends his/her TN status before the end date listed on the I-94 or on the TN I-797 Approval, he/she will be able to remain in the United States.

A TN Holder can transfer to another employer as long as the employee is currently in valid status and the new employer files an I-129 application in a timely manner (before the intended start date of new employment and before the expiration of the current status).

Before taking new employment, talk to the Slutzker Center.  The Slutzker Center must withdraw or cancel TN sponsorship when you end your employment with Syracuse University.  The withdrawal of the TN sponsorship may affect your employment eligibility with your new employer, so timing is critical.

TN holders are not allowed to work for any other employer or in any other work location other than those that are authorized on the I-797 Approval Notice or the employer listed in the job offer letter which was used to obtain the TN.

The only way a TN employee can work for another employer (as in the case of a faculty member teaching at another institution for the summer months) is if the other employer files an I-129 Petition for concurrent employment.  Concurrent employment for TNs is subject to the same restrictions that govern the portability of employment.

TN holders CANNOT receive honorariums or fees for lectures or contractual services

from other U.S. institutions or businesses.  In such situations, only reimbursements for actual travel expenses such as airfare, hotel, and meals are allowed.  Any University employee in TN status must check with the Slutzker Center prior to accepting any offer to give a lecture or conduct any employment outside of Syracuse University.

International faculty, staff, and scholars are required to notify the Slutzker Center of any address changes within 10 days of moving to a new apartment or home.  Additionally, all faculty and staff in H-1B, TN, O-1, E-3, and PR status have to report any address change directly to the Department of Homeland Security using the AR-11 Form or online change of address form.  More information about address changes and address update requirements can be found in the Address Reporting Section (pp. 14 - 15).

There are specific travel requirements for anyone on a temporary visa. See the section on travel requirements for more information.
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