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The Slutzker Center specializes in immigration matters, not taxes. If you require additional information or have specific questions about taxes, please direct your inquiries to an international tax professional or call the IRS International Customer Service at (267) 941-1000.

All Individuals in F and J Status

  • If you were physically present in the U.S. in F or J status anytime between Jan. 1, and Dec. 31, 2018, you are required to send a Form 8843 to the Internal Revenue Service (the U.S. tax agency), even if you had no income. Completion of Form 8843 is relatively simple and you do NOT need to use a tax preparation software program to complete it. You should be able to complete Form 8843 on your own and mail it to the IRS. 

Fs and Js that had income in the 2018 Tax Year  (January 1-December 31, 2018)

  • If you had income (salary, stipend, prize money, etc.) during the 2018 tax year (January 1-December 31, 2018) you are also required to file a tax return (Form 1040 NR or Form 1040NR-EZ) to reconcile your accounts with the IRS.  Filing a tax return is how you will receive a refund of any taxes withheld above the amount you owe or determine if you owe any additional taxes.

Filing Your Non-Resident Tax Return Forms Using Sprintax

  • The Slutzker Center has purchased access to an online tax preparation software program called Sprintax to make your U.S. tax filing obligation easier for you. Sprintax will guide you through the tax filing process through a series of questions about your situation.  It will provide instructions about how and where to mail your tax forms. You cannot file your tax return forms electronically. You must print them out and mail them.
  • Sprintax will help you determine if you are a nonresident for tax purposes.  If you are a nonresident for tax purposes, Sprintax will prepare your federal tax forms for free by using the ACCESS CODE provided in an email sent to all students registered in 2018 and students with approved OPT and STEM OPT on or about February 15, 2019.  Look for an email from with the subject line Sprintax Preparation Software Program. Additional services for state tax filings will be available to you for a fee paid directly to Sprintax.

Students who are determined to be residents for tax purposes CANNOT use Sprintax.

Filing deadlines

  • If you earned income and received a Form W-2 reporting wages and had federal taxes withheld from your pay, Monday, April 15, 2019 is the deadline to submit your U.S. income tax return to the IRS.
  • If you did not receive a Form W-2 but only a Form 1042-S, June 17, 2019 is the deadline to submit your U.S. income tax return to the IRS.

Using Sprintax

 What documents do you Need?

  1. Your passport
  2. Your I-20 or DS-2019
  3. Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN); if you do not have an SSN or ITIN, you will need to apply for one.
    •  An ITIN may be applied for at the same time as filing your tax return. You should follow the instructions in Sprintax and bring your application for the ITIN (Form W-7 and supporting documents) and prepared tax return to the Slutzker Center to avoid having to mail your original passport to the IRS. 
    • A Social Security Number may be applied for only if you are currently working.          
  4. Your U.S. entry and exit dates for current and all past visits to the U.S.- you need to refer to the exit and entry stamps in your passport; a print out of the travel history page of your I-94 may be helpful
  5. If you received wages, the W-2 form(s) you received from your employer(s); if you received wages from Syracuse University, see your MySlice record for the W-2 form.
  6. If you received a scholarship or fellowship grant and /or claimed tax treaty benefits, the 1042-S form you received from the payor;  if you received such payments from Syracuse University, your 1042-S form should be mailed to you through the U.S. Postal Service by March 15th.
  7. If you are using Sprintax to complete a state tax return, a copy of your already completed federal tax return.

Getting Started with Sprintax 

  1. Access Sprintax
  2. Create a Sprintax account
  3. Complete the questionnaire
  4. Use the access code you received in the email from on February 15, 2019 when requested at the payment stage
  5. Sprintax will prepare your tax return and determine if you are owed a refund or owe more in taxes
  6. Download and print the tax form
  7. Sign the form
  8. Make a copy of the form or save a scan of it 
  9. Mail the form to the relevant address as per the instructions

For Further Assistance

Filing your non-resident Tax Return without using Sprintax

Determine whether you are a resident or non-resident for tax purposes.

If I am a non-resident for tax purposes:

I earned income in 2018

If you earned a scholarship or held a fellowship with a stipend in 2018 OR If you claimed benefits of a tax treaty on wages or any other type of payment, OR  If tax was withheld from a non-payroll payment received in 2018,

You will receive form 1042-S to use to prepare your tax return. Syracuse University will mail this to you by March 15, 2019. If you are unsure if you need to wait for form 1042-S to prepare your tax return please contact the Payroll Office at

I did NOT earn income in 2018

If I am a resident for tax purposes

File your taxes by the deadline - April 15, 2019

Tax Preparation Resources

Federal Tax Forms:

New York State Tax Forms:

Income Tax Resources:

Tax Publications:

Tax Helplines

  • Federal Taxes - 1-(800)-829-1040
  • NY State Taxes - 1-(800)-225-5829