Review - Things To Do Upon Your Arrival

  • STEP 1: Check into the Slutzker Center

Please check into the Slutzker Center as soon as possible upon arrival. You may enter the United States no earlier then 30 days prior to the program start date as indicated on Form I-20 (Item #5) or DS-2019 (Item #3). Bring to the Slutzker Center all immigration documents (passport, I-20/DS-2019, I-94) and your health insurance policy. At the Slutzker Center, you will receive a Clearance Form for completing the following steps.

  • STEP 2: Obtain Clearances

To ensure that your University records are in proper order, you must visit certain University offices and obtain signatures from them prior to beginning classes. A Clearance Form is used for this purpose. All international students must provide proof of health insurance. To learn about the Health Insurance information for International Students and Scholars click here, and for the Health History and Immunization form click here.

  • STEP 3: Attend Orientations and Provide Data

Attendance at the Slutzker Center and departmental orientations is mandatory. Your total orientation will consist of 4 parts:

  1. Your personal Slutzker Center orientation will begin upon your arrival at the Slutzker Center. This part will consist of checking in and having your questions answered.
  2. Next will be a New Student Arrival Seminar, the date and time to be assigned after your arrival. In this part we will provide you with answers to your personal questions, and information on University policies, immigration regulations, and registration procedures.
  3. Next will be the large group orientation.  Here you will meet officials from the University and learn more about health care, safety, and academic/social environments.
  4. Your school/college orientation. You must contact your school or college regarding any orientation they may have.
  • STEP 4: Take the English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE)

This test of English proficiency will determine if any additional English course(s) will be required or recommended. It differs from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in that the latter is used only as an admissions criterion. ALL undergraduates whose native language is not English are required to take the ELAE Exam.  Graduate students are required to take the ELAE Exam if their TOEFL score was below 600.  Exemptions from the test may be made for citizens of countries where English is the first language. Be sure to bring a copy of your TOEFL score with you. You may take the ELAE upon arrival, prior to class registration.

  • STEP 5: Obtain Final Clearance

After you complete STEPS 1-4, return the clearance form to the Slutzker Center. If the form is not returned, a hold will be placed on your student record.