Telephone Services

Local Land Lines

Telephone service is provided by local and long-distance telephone companies. Local telephone companies provide local and regional telecommunication services; long-distance companies provide national and international services. The local telephone company that serves our area is VERIZON.

To connect local telephone service to your room or apartment, you will need to call VERIZON at 1-890-7100. Service and financial arrangements are made in the name of only one resident, even when two or more persons are sharing the room or apartment.

The costs for local service vary depending on the options you choose but average $25-30 per month. A one-time installation charge is also customary. You must provide your own telephone. If you do not own a phone it is suggested that you purchase a phone from a local store.

VERIZON usually asks for a social security number when you are connecting telephone service for the first time. For instructions on how to apply for a social security number, please see the Appendix of this book or come to the Slutzker Center. Long Distance telephone companies are listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. There are several companies and each offers different rates and service packages.

On-Campus: If you live in an on-campus residence, you should contact either the SU Telecommunications Department at 443-4730, or check your orientation and welcome materials to find out when a telephone representative will be available.


Most major wireless phone service providers are available in Syracuse. You can find most of these phone providers at the Destiny USA Mall and other locations around the city.

Pay Phones

Detailed instructions for using public telephones ("pay phones") can usually be found in the telephone booth or on the phone itself. You can make long distance or international calls from any pay phone in the United States. Many pay phones still require coins, but some allow you to make calls without coins using a "calling card". Pre-paid calling cards are available from most long distance carriers as well as at the SU Bookstore, the Orange Bookstore (Marshall Square Mall) and Student's Choice Market on Marshall Street.