Student Housing

Move-In Schedule

Fall 2017

You will be able to move into your residence hall starting on August 18th. All new undergraduate international students are required to arrive on campus no later than August 18th, 2017.

Finding Off-Campus Housing

While Syracuse University does not endorse any landlords, roommate services, or other companies, Off-Campus & Commuter Services can act as a starting point in your search.  Good luck to you in the upcoming year!

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Introducing the RideShare program!


You share the road. Why not share your ride? Partner up when biking, driving, running, walking, busing for weekend road trips and rides for break.
Carpooling offers many benefits.
It’s easy: Carpooling is simple, easy to do and flexible
It’s convenient: Carpooling provides commuting convenience comparable to driving alone, but with less stress and companionship while you’re commuting. partners establish their own unique rules and arrangements that best meets the needs of their particular carpool.
It saves you money: sharing the costs of driving and parking in these times of increasing gas prices can help you reduce your daily commuting costs. The more occupants in the vehicle the more you save.
It’s less stressful: Commuting with others means there’s less frustration and you arrive at your job more relaxed and ready to work. If you’re not driving, you might even be able to catch up on reading, get some extra sleep or work while commuting.
It’s better for the environment: Fewer cars on the road means reduced Green House Gas emissions and improved air quality.
It improves your available commuting options: Carpooling offers a commuter option that may work for you better than other modes. It serves people who live where transit service may be limited and may fit your work schedule better than other options.
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