Housing Information


For basic information about on-campus housing, off-campus housing and short-term housing options, please visit the SCIS Housing page.

Complete information about on-campus housing can be found at the Office of Housing, Meal Plan and ID Card Services website.

Virtual Tour


Visit campus online! Take a walking tour with our virtual tour guide to explore the sights of our beautiful campus. Visit the Quad, academic buildings, the Carrier Dome, and more. Begin tour.

Bird Library also offers a virtual tour highlighting library places, services and collections. Web, slide show and video versions are available.

Register at SU

Access Syracuse University Computers
Access to the Syracuse University Computing system will enable you to register for classes through the web, get an e-mail account, use word processing and other software, and access the web. You will need to obtain a NetID account to use these services. If you have problems, please do not hesitate to ask the Slutzker Center staff for more details.

Check-in With Your Department or College
Very soon after you arrive you should make your academic division aware that you have made it to campus safely. Graduate students should go to their academic department's main office and ask to meet with their academic advisor (this may require making an appointment) or graduate recorder. Undergraduate students should go to their home college and see the Undergraduate Recorder. Most colleges and/or departments have orientation activities or information sessions that you will be required to attend before classes begin.

Register For Classes
The registration processes differ depending on your college, department and level, but the general guidelines and documents pertaining to registration are described below.

Students usually meet with their academic advisor or recorder to discuss and plan their course choices referring to the Time Schedule of Classes to make their selections. Once a group of courses have been selected, the advisor approves the selection and the student is ready to register for classes through MySlice.

Please refer to the Office of Regstrar Web site for more registration tips:

Syracuse University students
SUNY-ESF students