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Undergraduate Pre-Arrival

The Slutzker Center works closely with the Admissions Office, the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs, and schools and colleges to assure students can achieve their academic objectives and become part of the Syracuse community.

As part of your arrival to Syracuse, the international student orientation program will cover topics on immigration, adjustment and a variety of other subjects. It will give you time to take care of necessary paperwork and important issues such as purchasing cellphones, opening bank accounts, and shopping for daily necessities before classes begin. More importantly, you will have the advantage of becoming familiar with college life and campus resources to ease the transition to college in the U.S.

Your time at Syracuse will be exciting and exhilarating as you explore your interests, study and learn, make friends, and take advantage of the many opportunities provided on campus to interact with students, scholars and faculty from around the world.

Here is some helpful information to review in advance of your arrival:

A Note about Moving into your Residence Hall

Students are not able to move into their residence hall prior to Thursday January 10th. If you arrive earlier than January 10th you will need to arrange for your own accommodations.

New international students can move into their room on Thursday January 10th. These students can pick up their keys at the locations listed below:

Thursday, January 10

8:30am – 5pm: The Slutzker Center for International Services (310 Walnut Place)
5pm – 8am: Front desk of the assigned residence hall

Friday, January 11

8:30am – Noon: The Slutzker Center for International Service (310 Walnut Place)
Residence halls open for the campus at noon and keys may be picked up at the front desk of each hall.