Club Francophonie


Club Francophonie is a program sponsored by the Slutzker Center for International Services (SCIS).  Our goal is to promote French language and culture at SU and in the Syracuse community.  This program also offers an opportunity for French speakers from around the world to spend time together.

Club Francophonie is open to the public, whether you speak French or not!

In past years, events have included a conversation group, movie screenings (with English subtitles), a Valentine's Day celebration Mardi Gras Soirée, a Thanksgiving candlelight concert, and a Mother's Day brunch. 

If you are interested in joining Club Francophonie, please e-mail Riet Dekleermaeker at

If you would like to join the Club Francophonie Listserv to receive announcements about upcoming events, please e-mail Riet with “Subscribe to Club Francophonie Listserv”.  We would be very pleased to add your name to the listserv!