Mix it Up

mix it up fall 2017.PNG

What is Mix It Up?

A fun and free way to:

  • Share a Meal: sit together and eat good food with people of all backgrounds and cultures!
  • Tell Stories: tell the group about your hometown!
  • Exchange Ideas: engage with others about the topics that most interest you!
  • Engage in Dialogue: discuss issues that matter to you and listen to stories about culture, home, student life, and more!
  • Share SU News: keep the group informed of the events on campus and in the community!

A Slutzker Center initiative to further inclusion and intercultural understanding on the Syracuse University campus, Mix It Up is committed to embracing all groups in the student body, providing them with a welcome and comfortable space for dialogue, creating opportunities for students to engage with others to organize fun intercultural projects, and developing in students a strong sense of community on campus and in the city of Syracuse. Discussions and lectures explore identity, intercultural communication, and opportunities to learn about the cultural background of fellow students.