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With efforts led by concerned international Syracuse University students, the Center for International Services has launched “A Hand for Wuhan,” a fundraising project that will provide medical supplies to aid the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province. Wuhan is the epicenter of an outbreak of coronavirus, a respiratory illness related to a family of viruses that include SARS and some forms of the common cold.

Give to 'A Hand for Wuhan' here.

Learn more about the effort here with the FAQ with the students from WeMedia Lab.

  1. Where are you from? Where is that in relation to Wuhan?


We are from different parts of China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan, Guangzhou, Qingdao and so on. Those cities are greatly impacted by the virus. Due to the Spring Festival, the virus spread from Wuhan to other parts of China. Beijing and Shanghai are the two cities with the largest migrant population from other regions. Therefore, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is serious. Other nearby cities are also affected seriously. As you can see, none of us are from Wuhan. However, everyone has a responsibility when they face such a crisis. Thomas Hobbes addressed in Human Nature, or the Fundamental Elements of Policy, "What happens to an innocent person can happen to everyone." Supporting Wuhan is also supporting each of us.



  1. What inspired you to get involved?


The members of WeMedia Lab, the school's Chinese new media team, have strong empathy for those impacted. We believe that social responsibility is the moral cornerstone of the media. Therefore, the team is concerned about the illness in Wuhan and joined with all the Chinese organizations at Syracuse University to set up the fundraising project with the Center for International Services.

 WeMedia Lab 作为学校中文新媒体团队,我们具备媒体人强烈的同理心,相信社会责任是媒体人的道义基石,所以团队关心着此次武汉疫情的公共事件,始终怀抱善意,身在海外,心系祖国,愿借媒体平台影响力,捐献绵薄之力。因此我们联合雪城大学所有的华人组织,成立武汉特别援助小组,共同请愿国际服务中心。


  1. How will donations be spent? Is there a fundraising goal?


The donations will be spenton medical supplies, which will be sent directly to Wuhan Tongji Hospital through Apex, a company that works with the Hubei government. Our initial goal is to raise the money for 50KG of medical supplies, but the more we can provide, the more people we can help.



  1. Why are medical supplies important for Tongji Hospital?


Wuhan Tongji Hospital is one of the two major hospitals in Wuhan, receiving the largest number and most serious of patients. Knowing medical supplies, including doctors’ protective clothing, are expensive and in scarce supply in the hospital now.We are distressed to see such a thing happening in the hospital, as well as other hospitals. . If we can raise funds to purchase more supplies, we will provide a second batch of materials to Xiangya Hospital in Changsha Xiaya.



  1. How soon will the supplies be sent to Wuhan?


 As soon as we collected 50KG of materials, they will be sent to the gathering center. After being there for two days, they will be sent to Wuhan and take a week to reach the hospital. The logistics company provides a report at every destination during the delivery process. Look for updates on WeChat and Weibo, SyracuseU. During this difficult time, we are here for all in Wuhan and hope that we can help!